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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guest Blogger: Little Red

Greetings grown-up humans.

My mom has asked me to be a guest blogger today.

After 30 solid days of blogging she’s acting like me without a nap…I keep trying to give her my paci, but she won’t take it.

I’ve been waiting for this day, seriously. Everytime mom gets out the laptop and starts working I run over and tell her I want to write too, but she just tells me to play with a Matchbox car or my Little People. So lame. I want to write. I have things to say you know, and finally today is my chance.

First of all I need to address the issue of my big bro. He’s cool and I dig him, but he’s a little too lovey dovey for me. He like hugs me ALL the time. I know he loves me, but he’s totally up in my grill. Back off dude I’ll hug ya when I’m in the mood.

And what’s the story with baths? Don’t get me wrong I LOVE ‘em. I just want to know why once I’ve finally gotten warm and I have all my favorite toys, mom just scrubs me up and sends me on my way. UGH! Seriously! If I could grow gills and live in the water I TOTALLY would. Rumor has it that at mom’s work they have a pool…a POOL dude. One that you can use year around…trust me I’ll be making that trip soon.

I’m starting so say words, but the ‘rents don’t understand some of them. They understand the “simple” ones like no, yeah, mama, dada, but that’s it! Once I think they understood when I said “Go Hawkeyes” but I’m not sure. Sometimes I wonder about them {seriously} I think they are a little slow, like I’m not sure if they have gone to a cool school like I do, but really who doesn’t understand “ehehehehehighoghoi”.

Over all the ‘rents are pretty cool {with the exception of the tub thing and not understanding a single word I say}. They read my favorite books – “Little Blue Truck” and “Goodnight Gorilla” before I go to bed. Dad even does funny voices. HILARIOUS!

After reading “Goodnight Gorilla” I like to do my gorilla impression and climb, climb, climb. Once I climbed from the floor onto the couch and then on the armrest of the couch and up on the bar in the kitchen. My mom was so proud of me; she put me back on the ground so I could do it again, and again, and again. After a while, she must have thought I was tired and needed a break, because she put me in my crib for a minute or two.

Speaking of tired, doing this blog thing does wear you out. So I’m off to watch my aquarium in bed and snuggle with my kitty.

Ciao –
Little Red {aka G}

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A {Bedtime} Virtual Coffee

Happy {yawn} Tuesday everyone!

I can't believe it's already 9 p.m. Like seriously where did the day go?

Well, if we were really meeting for coffee. I'd be in my PJs cuddled in bed, and we could hide under the blankets and pretend that in two days it won't be December. That Christmas won't be only 25 - ish days away and that of course it won't snow at all.

We would be living in denial, but that's ok.

So, tell me about your turkey day. Did you stuff yourself to the gills with yummy grub?

We had a "laid back" holiday. However, turkey day wasn't really the highlight of our trip.

See each year when we go to Chicago for Thanksgiving we visit old school friends of B2 and go with them to pick a tree then we have leftovers and sit and chat the day away. It is AWESOME! We have been doing it for years and it's so cool now to watch our kids play together. Oh, boy how time flies.

After our tree searching, leftover-eating afternoon, we headed to White Pines Inn in Dixon. I still love that place, and one of these days the weather will be perfect and we will have more time to explore. As it was even in our short overnight stay we still had a grand 'ole time.

In each cabin is a journal and you are supposed to write about your visit. It's fun to read everyone's comments {like a blog...right}. In our cabin someone hid five pennies and a quarter. It took us a while, but B2 and E found them all. We of course hid some too before we left.

Our overnight package included a Christmas tree, and as the rain doused us we found the perfect one for our sweet home. While we were loading the tree, E spotted Mrs. Claus in the parking lot getting into her mini van. "A mini van, that's silly," he said. "She should be in a sleigh." Oh, it comes.

However, he was mesmerized once he saw the big guy. There wasn't anyone else at the lodge, so E just  chatted Santa's ear off. They talked about what he wanted for Christmas, and other fun stuff. It was wonderful.

G, however, thought Santa was SUPER scary and kept shaking his head and saying "no, no, no." Between Santa and Max the parrot, he was a little traumatized.

After all the excitement it was nice to finally be home.

Did you travel anywhere for Thanksgiving?

Now that we are home, it's time to get our Christmas on. The "real" tree is decorated, but alas "my" tree  will be longer in coming. My mom has agreed to let me have hers, since mine is lightless {and I don't want to spend hours cutting dead lights off my tree}, but it won't get here till the 12th. Bummer, but heck it's a free tree, so I can't complain.

Do you have your house all decked out for the holidays?

Well, my yawns are getting more numerous and my eyelids are starting to droop. So I will bid you a fond farewell, and direct you over to Amy's ... I'm sure she's still awake.


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Monday, November 28, 2011

Sharing Us with You: A Holiday Card Exchange

I've been reading posts about the perfect holiday card.

I'll be honest, initially I was all over it...hiring a photographer, researching Pinterest for poses, scoping the mall for coordinating outfits and then I just said WTH. Let's just wing it this year. If I get the "money" shot I get it, if not according to iPhoto I have 10,000 photos to choose from. And while someone's hair might be mussed and our outfits make us look like we stepped out of a's for reals that's the REAL us.

And since I love all my fellow bloggers so VERY much I'd like to share us with you {if you want}. So, I'm hosting a Holiday card exchange with all my favorite bloggers. Who doesn't love happy mail, and in this high tech world I strongly believe my mailbox gets a tad lonely for cards and letters.

Here's how it will work.

Email me your address to tinystream{at}yahoo{dot}com
I promise it will go no further than my contact list

I'll email you mine

We exchange cards

It's that simple.

I hope you will join us because the holiday card could be interesting this year. And seriously aren't you a little curious to see the "real" us slapped onto some holiday cheer.

Last year's photo.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The "Real" Turkey Day

I'd love to show off all my wonderful pictures of Turkey Day and tell you how spectacular the day was, but you know me better than that. I don't sugar coat anything and let's face it Holidays bring out the best and WORST in people.

It all started out benign enough, quick trip to Chicago for a laid back visit and some turkey. Well, traveling all over Chicago with a four year old and eighteen month old is anything but laid back.

I have to admit that I wasn't the greatest role model, because {as usual} I had procrastinated on the packing part. As I was rummaging through laundry baskets of clean clothes that were yet to meet drawers or hangers after two weeks, I became angrier and angrier. This did not bode well for those in my path. After finally finding my undies, and packing both boys clothes, toys and other odd ball necessities we were ready to hit the road.

But the anger was still there along with an annoying eye twitch that deserves a blog post all to itself, as it drove the knife of insanity further into my psyche.

As the miles passed I pondered turning back, saying to hell with it. There will always be next year, plus the fact that over half of B2's family wasn't even there to join us in Chicago. However, I didn't want to disappoint B2's mom and his cousin, and I REALLY wanted to see our wonderful friends whom we only see at Thanksgiving, and stay at White Pines.

So we plundered on.

Even though the boys fought in the backseat, and their thanksgiving dinner consisted of buns and fruit {thank goodness grandma brought fruit}, and E sang "Bob the Builder" twenty million times and I don't thing either one of them slept more than five hours each night, and my frustration level was at code orange, I was able {as best I could} to hold it together, so I could enjoy some of those little moments that make your heart melt...

Like singing Christmas carols in the car.

Listening to E and G "talk" to each other in their room.

Feeding G pumpkin pie.

Finding pennies at the cabin in White Pines.

Seeing Santa Claus without a line, and watching E just chat with him like he was his best friend.

Watching G flip out about seeing Santa, and Max the parrot.

Picking out a Christmas tree in the rain.

And that is what a "real" holiday is all about.  The good, the great and of course the ugly.

So, how was your Thanksgiving?

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Five Minute Friday {On Saturday}: Grateful

On Fridays around these parts we stop, drop, and write.

For fun, for love of the sound of words, for play, for delight, for joy and celebration at the art of communication.

For only five short, bold, beautiful minutes. Unscripted and unedited. We just write without worrying if it’s just right or not.

Won’t you join us?

Today's topic. Grateful


Amid the hustle and bustle of the holiday, I am grateful for my family, for the turkey that filled my belly and building family traditions. 

But what I'm MOST grateful for after a long weekend, is HOME.

Home where you hang your hat, where the heart is, where we are a family.

After over twelve hours driving around the midwest, and sleeping in different beds it's nice to feel the warmth of our four walls. The way the house hugs us the moment we walk through the door. 

As soon as my feet hit the threshold I kick off my shoes and take a deep breath. Ahhh...

Our house isn't perfect. It's messy, chaotic and loud. And that's just how I like it. 

There's no place like home.


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Friday, November 25, 2011

A {Black Friday} Sound Bytes of the Week

Happy Black Friday!

Were you out shopping at midnight with all the crazy people? If we were back in IC I know I'd be one of those crazy people. Seriously midnight is probably the only time I could actually shop by myself.

But since we aren't at home, I'll be spending my day picking out a Christmas tree with friends, indulging in more yummy grub and then heading to our cabin at White Pines. Just talking about it makes me, but tiring.

Well, before I collapse from Holiday exhaustion, let's get to this week's Sound Bytes.

3. "How do they make light bulbs without going blind?"
It's questions like these that make me glad we have Google.

2. "Mom I drink milk so my muscles will get bigger. Wanna see?"
Oh, buddy you got some pipes for sure.

1. "I can't sleep because the toots keep fooling me."
It's fine if the toots fool you just don't let the poops fool ya.

Now let's hear yours...

I hope you had a wonderful Turkey Day and you cashed in on some Black Friday deals.

Make sure you travel safely no matter what you're drivin'.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

BPM: Thankful Top Ten

Today is a day in which indulge our tastebuds, and ALSO more importantly reflect on what we are thankful for. So, in David Letterman-esq style I have complied my Top Ten Things I'm Thankful For.

10. My mother's homemade dinner rolls.

9. A Black Friday Hawkeye football game.

8. Kickboxing classes {to "beat" the holiday weight gain and the holiday stress}

7. Shopping trips to Chicago.

6. Babysitters {so I can shop ALONE}

5. Cooperative weather.

4. That everyone, right now this minute isn't coughing, sneezing or feeling like death.

3. WONDERFUL friends both new and old.

2. My mom FINALLY moving to Iowa.

1. Our crazy little family.

So, what are you thankful for today?

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Save Me a Seat at the Kids Table

When I was little I dreaded sitting at the kids table. It was banished to the bowels of the basement, and the worst part - it was full of all my boy cousins. Who had a knack for throwing food and being EXTREMELY loud for no apparent reason other than to hear the sound of their own obnoxious voices.

As the only girl at a table full of testosterone, I was WAY too mature for all that silliness and begged my dad to let me sit at the big table, but to no avail. 

I'm not sure at what point I was finally allowed at the "big person" table, I think I was older than nine, but younger than sixteen. Honestly, I think the main reason I was finally allowed at the table had more to do with space than my actual age.

Once I made it to the secret club of the adult table, I was fascinated by the quiet hum of intellectual conversation. But as the years passed the thrill wore off, and the adult table was too formal. I wanted FUN.

Now that I have kids of my own, I let them decide where they would like to sit. Ironically, they choose the kid's table. Forming their own little group with their version of intellectual conversation. Inevitably I find myself eavesdropping, drawn to their animated discussions. Like "who is fastest? Superman or the Flash." or "Did you know I pooped today." While at my table, the adults blather on and on about the economy, politics or the latest Hollywood gossip.  

The urge to just scoot my chair over just a bit so I can join them is overwhelming. I envy their relaxed conversation and unbridled laughter.

So, this year I'm going to have them join us, so they can show the adults how to have a good time. Even if we talk about poop.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A {Pre-Turkey Day} Virtual Coffee

Happy pre-turkey day Tuesday EVERYONE!

Forgive me for my bleary eyed look today, we had an early wake-up call. E was having some potty issues and was up from 4 a.m. till almost 6 a.m. trying to poop. And while I did get up a couple of times with him, a big kudos goes to the hubs who took the brunt of it.

So in order to wipe this blank look off my face I will be sucking down a Gingerbread Latte while you tell me all about your weekend and your big plans for turkey day.

If we were really meeting for coffee today, I would give you all big hugs and lots of thanks for all the sweet words about G and his surgery last Tuesday.

I took two days off of work and could have probably gotten by with only taking one, but it was nice to hang with him for an extra day. We went to breakfast the morning after his surgery, just me and the boys. I like to do that once a month. It's a treat to hangout on a "school day / work day" morning and linger over pancakes and OJ.

G was back to his old self by that afternoon, running around like a crazy person. His teacher at school thinks he's feeling better with those nasty adenoids taken out. And I have to say I agree with her.

Right now we are gearing up to head to the Windy City for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately {or fortunately} it will be pretty low-key as the majority of B2's family had other plans, so it will be just us, his mom and his cousin. But that also means I can just hangout in sweats I'm not too bummed.

Then we have our big overnight "camping" trip at White Pines where we get a free Christmas tree with our stay. So cool!

Speaking of Christmas trees, I need a new fake one. We put up two trees each year. The real one, which goes upstairs and is decorated with big funky retro lights, massive amounts of Hawkeye and Star Wars ornaments and a train underneath. It's the "fun" tree as B2 calls it.

Then there's my tree the one with "fancy" things and girlie ornaments like butterflies and fairies glistening amongst white twinkle lights. Well, mine crapped out last year. A short in the lights makes it unusable, and the search is on to find the EXACT same one. I purchased it about six years ago at Bronners {the World's Largest Christmas lie} and now I don't think they have them the search is on. Hopefully I can find a tree and have it shipped before Christmas is over. Nothing like waiting till the last minute.

So, do you have a real tree or fake tree?

Rumor has it that it will be 60 degrees here over the holiday weekend...NICE! I need to put up our outdoor lights and 60 degrees is MUCH better than the typical 40.

If we were meeting for coffee I'd probably be modeling one of my new outfits. I indulged in some retail therapy on Sunday and dropped a couple of bucks at Ann Taylor LOFT. Seriously though, a small price to pay for pants that actually fit. I've {thankfully} lost so much weight that all my pants were falling right off {like literally}, and I doubt the seniors I work with would like to see me depants, so I just HAD to go shopping...right? I can't wait to wear all my new stuff...I even bought skinny corduroys...YOWZA!

Well, I've rambled on long enough. Time to get back to work, and get loose ends tied up so I can enjoy my days off.

Have a GREAT Turkey day...Gobble, Gobble.

And don't forget to head over to Amy's for more brew.


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Monday, November 21, 2011

Absent Husband Season

Call it hunting season, basketball season, snowmobiling season.


I call it Absent Husband Season.

You know the season where your hubby is glued to the TV watching sports or up at the crack of dawn to sit in a duck blind. I have a couple of friends who resent this season, and I'll admit I have my moments. Mostly when I have plans and they conflict with "the season's" or when I've had so much single parenting I need to seek therapy.

But overall, I L-O-V-E it.

For those of you still trying to embrace "the season" let me tell you I didn't love it at first.

Ten years ago when Bill and I were first married I HATED basketball season. Too many games, too many nights away from home, too many tournament weekends. I wanted my hubby. I missed him and wanted to cuddle on the couch together and watch TV.

Ten years later things have changed a bit. "Do you have a game tonight." I ask with excitement. Because when B2 has a game that means...P-A-R-T-Y.

Ok, not REALLY a party. More like a quiet night catching up on MY TiVo'd shows {hello GLEE marathon}, reading magazines and blogs, and maybe just maybe hosting a mini dance party in the living room.

The boys and I eat what we want for dinner, which consists of Hamburger Helper or {my fav} WT Mac and Cheese. We act silly and do girly things like hanging out at the mall, doing crafts or just chillin'.

While I do miss my hubby during "Absent Husband Season" it gives me a chance to do my own thing, and find hobbies that are just mine, and grow individually without him. {Which is a good thing}.

Oh, and eventually "Absent Husband Season" ends, and then I start planning "Absent Wife Season". HA!

Loving husband, answers to the name B2 or Dada. 
Most commonly can be found at Kinnick Stadium or Carver Hawkeye Arena.
Last seen wearing some sort of Hawkeye shirt or sweatshirt with jeans.

If you have seen this man, please send him home. His family misses him.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week{end} Wrap Up

After one crazy week ... I'm looking forward to the holiday.

How about you?

Our week{end} in pictures


1. VERY happy boy {pre-surgery}.
2. Playing with daddy while waiting.
3. So, tired of waiting...go, go, go...
4. Breakfast with mom and G.
5. Sleepy boy {post surgery}
6. Ahhh, coffee.
7. Puppies make everything more fun.
8. Pancakes...YUM!
9. Baby feet.

Have a GREAT {short} week.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Five Minute Friday {On Saturday}: Grow

Five Minute Friday {On Saturday} today's topic Grow


"Let's measure Mom," you suggest to me one day.

I'm surprised when we stand next to each other and your head comes above me waist. You are only four years old. How did you grow so tall?

It seems like just yesterday you were learning to walk and you run, jump and skip through the day. You are constantly on the move. Learning new things like how to spell. I-O-W-A. Your mind is growing just like your body.

Your clothes are getting tighter and you are expanding beyond the "toddler" section and advancing to the "big boy" section. I'm packing away your clothes and saving them for your little brother, while at the same time his clothes are being sent to Goodwill.

You are both growing.

Soon you will grow beyond these walls, but never beyond my arms.


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Friday, November 18, 2011

A {Stressful} Sound Bytes of the Week

OMG it's Friday right. Like seriously don't mess with me it is Friday.

Ok, whew.

I have to tell you that my days of the week are all jacked up after having Tuesday and Wednesday off for little G's surgery. I want to thank you all for the prayers and kind words. As my fellow moms can attest it's hard seeing your little one in pain.

After all the chaos of the week I'm looking forward to the weekend...however in my typical style I believe I have COMPLETELY overbooked myself.

As many of you know I'm having a Shop 'N Drop party on Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm feel free to stop by and check out some REALLY cool vendors like The Pampered ChefStella and Dot and Thirty One. So stop in, shop a bit, grab a bite a glass of wine and chill.

In the theme of this crazy week our Sound Bytes are no exception. Drumroll please...

3. "What is our tailgating malfunction?"
Seriously, we need to reexamine our tailgating MO. Only we could make it as dull as an unsharpened pencil.

2.  "I'm teaching her to say Axilla."
If you are not sure what that means, Google it. Here's a hint...

1. "Yeah. My toothpaste farted."
B2 and I about busted a gut when we heard that one...good grief. In his defense though it really did make a farting noise.

Enjoy your weekend, and make it fun no matter where you are.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bigger Picture Moment: Thankful for "Bravery"


This happens every year and every year my heart breaks. This time I tried to be sneaky, and it still ended in screams and tears.

When we took G to the pediatrician last weekend to get his fever checked prior to his surgery, B2 suggested we do flu shots at the same time. Bright idea big guy especially since you weren’t there to listen to that screaming.

I waited till it was all ready then I broke the news to E and if you didn’t notice, he didn’t take it well. He refused to sit on the table and wanted to sit on my lap (which they won’t let you do).

So after A LOT of coaxing and hugs, I had to just bite the bullet and have two nurses hold him down while they gave him the shot, because THAT’S not traumatic at all. Jeez.

It’s just a flu shot. One little stick and it will be over, but it FREAKS him out. Like screaming bloody murder, hyperventilating, crocodile tears type of FREAK OUT.

And with each tear and each scream my heart bursts. I want to take his pain away. I want to take the shot for him. But I can’t.

My heartache must remain hidden, because I’m the mom and I need to be tough. I have to show him how to be brave.

My heart had a workout this week with the kiddos. Two days later G had his surgery. And while it was just tubes and adenoids my heartstrings stretched and hurt.

But I had to be brave for him.

And on the outside I was, but on the inside I cried.

Reflect on the blessings that were apparent to you this week
Harvest them!
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Try to visit at least the person linked before you and encourage each other in this journey we call life.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stay At Home Mom...FAIL

Every time I think I have it under control, BLAMO...something smacks me across the face and snaps me back to reality. Ugh...

I thought I had a plan for the past two days. One that involved caring for a sick toddler and one that involved completing a To Do list. But shortly after day one I realized my plan had been foiled by a little redhead {and my own bad attitude}.

See within the past couple of weeks my To Do list has been growing and growing and growing at an exponential rate. I had planned {prior to G's surgery} to take Friday off and have a "kid free day".

You know one of those days where you are home alone in the house and you can do whatever you want like cross a shit load of things off "the list". But with G's surgery I couldn't quite justify taking another day off, especially this close to the Holidays, so I sucked it up and thought I'd get stuff done with him home.

Ummmm, yeah...Not. Happening.

Every time I tried to organize toys he would pull them right back out. He would literally follow me around and dump out bins that I just put away. Grrrrr....

I didn't get ANY laundry done which means that E will pitch a fit about not having any sweatpants for school.

My meal plan for the week was replaced by fish sticks, and mac and cheese.

And don't even get me started on the overall organizing, cleaning and decluttering.

It's at this point I realize going to work everyday and sitting at my desk working on projects, answering phones, and putting out the occasional "fire" is MUCH easier than keeping the kids and house in order. Plus my work To Do List has items crossed off it.

I also realize I would make a TERRIBLE Stay at Home Mom. Like seriously terrible...

So to all you SAHMs, kudos to you. You make it look easy.

As for me, I'm definitely NOT quitting my day job anytime soon.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A {Stay Home Day} Virtual Coffee

Good was an early one at our house today.

We snuck out of the house like thieves in the night and headed to the surgery center so G could get new ear tubes and an adenoidectomy. OUCH!

If we were really meeting for coffee I'd have to invite you to our house so I can cuddle my pint-sized redhead while we dish about our weekend and the upcoming week.

So did you do anything fun this weekend? 

We went to our last home Hawkeye game of the season on Saturday which will put an end to the football talk until next Labor Day. {I can hear you rejoicing in the streets} Trust me I'm doing a smidge bit of rejoicing as well, because I"M GETTING MY WEEKENDS BACK! Yeah just in time for holiday chaos...SIGH...

Seriously, I think my calendar MUST be wrong, because it's telling me that next Thursday is Turkey Day. Like REALLY? So soon. I feel like it was just yesterday that we were at the pool, and watching fireworks for the fourth.

Now I'm thinking Christmas cards, turkeys, Holiday decorating...YIKES. Make it stop, make it stop. 

Ok...whew...deep breath. 

Please tell me I'm not the only one freaking out here...please...

One bright and shining spot in the holiday chaos is the fact that my mom will FINALLY be here. They came this weekend to drop off the Corvette {yep, you can't drive it that far you know... cause it's like all fancy and stuff}, and my stepdad had a job interview. Wish him would be THE PERFECT job for him. We enjoyed a family breakfast at the Iowa Machine Shed {YUM} which I'm looking forward to doing more, and then mom and I headed to the mall.

E and Mimi at the bookstore. Looking forward to more times like this.
I have to admit that I was quite disappointed in Northpark Mall. It used to be THE SPOT, but now it's awful...I think I'll be having mom come to IC for shopping from now on. I'm just sayin'.

And now I'm home today and tomorrow. They say G will have issues eating so I had B2 buy him some smoothies so we can try those. Poor little guy...

Well, I better run. Gotta get a shower in before the little guy wakes up.

Have a great day and head over to Amy's I'm sure she has something brewing.


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Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 14, Mulligan Monday and Week{end} Wrap Up

Have you noticed?

I'll give you a hint. Fourteen.

Give up?

I've blogged for fourteen days in a row. FOURTEEN.

November is National Blog Posting Month on BlogHer basically they have issued the challenge of writing a post EVERY day for thirty days. And I'm currently on day fourteen {Almost halfway there}.

Honestly, I didn't plan on it happening. It was just a coincidence that I had posted four days in row when I came upon this little tidbit of information. At that point I thought what the hell. A blog post could be a picture right? No biggie I can do this. Well...

It's proving a bit more challenging than I had initially thought. Between working full-time, our jam packed weekends and just our crazy everyday life....I'm struggling to get posts out at night. And I'm getting "the stink eye" from the hubs all the time because I'm on the computer when we should be spending quality time together {can you say hypocrite}.

Even though it's a struggle it's also an accomplishment {and totally worth a couple of stink eyes}. Blogging more has helped me cultivate my voice, and dig deeper into my posts. Instead of being so blase'.

And while tomorrow is the actual halfway day, I thought I'd celebrate a day early. {Plus it gives me a topic to write about}.

Even though the month is half over, you can still blog everyday for the rest of the month with me. Trust me, by day twenty this little guy will be writing my posts.

Have a great week and don't forget today is Mulligan Monday, and today I feel accomplished.

How about yourself?

Here's some random photos from last week. Enjoy....


1. E with his new cousin M...he looks so proud.
2. Didn't you know this is how we decorate here. It's called the Mike Holmes look.
3. Playing doctor at the doctor's office...ironic right?
4. We just couldn't wait to get home before munching on Mimi's homemade dinner rolls.
5. Our city boy pretending to be a farmer.
6. Mmmmm, do I need another piece of bacon?
7. Foot muffs as mentioned here.
8. I'm sexy and I know it.
9. If you look close you can see a snowflake in his hair.
10. Our first snowfall / rain.
11. Last Hawkeye Hurrah
12. In the captain's chair {aka the exam chair at the ENT}.
13. This is closest this city boy has been to a pig.
14. Perhaps playing farm will make him more country.
15. Dear Halloween candy it's time to stop haunting me.
16. I guess we ride pigs in these parts.

So what did you do this week{end}?

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Last Hawkeye Hurrah?

It was a glorious fall day, the sun was shining the leaves were brilliant in their oranges and reds. The smells of bonfires and breakfast filled the air.

As glorious as all that sounds I knew that something was off...things just didn't seem right. We were already "late" getting downtown, we were two men down {one falling to the perils of the flu} and my usual tailgating fare was replaced by a bowl of cold cereal as we rushed out the door.

As we walked our usual route to the stadium, I couldn't help but be grateful that this was our last home game. That sounds like a fair weather fan doesn't it? Don't get me wrong I totally bleed Black and Gold, but dang these games have been sucking the marrow from my Saturdays {and sometimes Sundays} I just want our weekends back. Nice lazy weekends....ahhhh...

But I'm a Hawkeye and Hawkeyes see the season through. So we made our way to the RV to "tailgate". I use the term tailgate loosely as we are pretty lame when it comes to the actual act of "partying it up". And Saturday's tailgate didn't prove otherwise. The three of us entertained ourselves with our smart phones and Ipad. I caught up on blogs {getting irritated at how slow the network was}. The boys played a game of Jenga then it was off to the stadium.

We ended up selling our extra ticket to a guy in an Iowa State coat, and I forgot to wear black on a black out Saturday... more hints that this would not end well.

After missing the Hawks rushing the field to Back in Black and the acknowledgement of the seniors it was time to play ball.

About five minutes into the game I recieved a text "G has a fever of 103.5" Ugh crap...we called our pediatrician amid screaming fans, and was told they couldn't do anything till tomorrow. So after a half dozen texts, a dose of Tylenol was given and all was right with the world. We probably should have went home...watched the game from the comfort of the couch while snuggling a little redhead, but we pushed on.

At halftime when the score was 14 to 34 we debated leaving, but yet again faith in our Hawks remained and we stayed along with all the other die hards. As the clock wound down, so did our hopes. A dismal failure for our last home game.

The stadium once vibrating with noise, was silent with the exception of the stray MSU fan cheering. OUCH. Slowly we made our way back to the car. Back through the brilliantly colored trees and smells of fires burning, but this time it was quiet. No cheering, no laughing, no singing...just silence.

Today, B2 cleaned out the RV and prepped her for winter. Then him and E made the final trek back to our storage unit to pack her up till next year.

And while I may long for those peaceful and relaxing Saturdays and bitch and complain about waking up early and about my toes freezing in the cold. Secretly, I love it. I love the ambiance, the roar of the crowd and being a fan. Even if it's on a losing side...because you know what? There's always next year.


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