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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Virtual Coffee

Whew! What a morning. I've been go, go, go since 5 a.m.

Spin class, check
Photo day outfits for the boys, check
Workout clothes in bag, check
Change poopy diaper before we leave house, check
Finally arrive at work (on time), check

Now on to coffee...

First of all thank you for joining me. I'll treat you to a nice steamy cup and you can add some almond milk if you like. Because I bought a half gallon and I'm not going to drink it. Why you ask? Well, I took a sip and it's a little too sweet for me, plus when I looked at the nutritional info it has WAY too much sugar and not enough protein. Not sure what all the buzz is about, but anything that high in sugar can't be good for you. What do you think?

Of course our conversation must turn to the weather (I was soooo hoping it wouldn't go there), but mother nature kicked our ass again and it was snowing this morning. Pretty hard I might add. Slightly depressing, but I know it won't last the day. The only person that was truly excited about it this morning was E. He kept singing Frosty the Snowman all morning.

Anyway, I digress cause I have to tell you that I got to wear a fancy dress last week. Yep, with heels and everything.

I work at a retirement community and we held our annual Gala, which was themed "Our Senior Prom". It was so much fun, I danced and giggled with the residents. It was great to watch the residents tap their feet to the music, some of them even made it out on the dance floor. It's times like these that make me LOVE my job. Do you enjoy your job? I know many of you have the hardest job of all as a SAHM.

So, what did ya do this weekend? We did NOTHING! It was so nice, I didn't have to be anywhere (well Kindermusik, but that's fun) and didn't have clean anything (major). We hung out, watched some movies (The Rescuers for E and Unstoppable for the grownups). E even took a quick ride round the culdasac on his tricycle, till his hands got too cold.

And of course our Sunday wouldn't be complete without a trip to the mall and Target (FYI our Target is attached to our kinda sucks). We did our usual routine. Played in the play area (or germ central as we call it). I could see the moms freaking out as I let G crawl on the floor there, but seriously he goes to daycare he's already gotten every germ known to man. I took some fun photos (that will eventually get uploaded). Ironically that was the relaxing part, because then we went to Target. YIKES!

Here's one to tide you over ... also submitted this at
I Heart Faces  for the "Slice of Life" Challenge
Let me preface by saying they just remodeled our Target and moved EVERYTHING. So, now I walk around like an idiot trying to find the simplest things, like kids bubble bath. Checked the soap aisle, nope. Checked the baby aisle, only baby kind. Finally found it in the shampoo aisle. At that point E was like "just forget it mom, I don't need to be clean." Not only that, but it was CROWDED. Note to everyone, if me or my kids are in your way, just say excuse me. I'm not a mind reader, so having you stand behind me huffing and puffing really doesn't help, it just makes me think you have asthma.

Ok, now it's your turn. Did you go to Target this weekend too? Please tell me you did something fun.



At March 29, 2011 , Blogger Iowa Sunshine said...

i am always at Target -- ha!! i love your new dress, and i'm glad you had the chance to dress up. i've tried the almond milk ... tasty, but lots of sugar!

At March 29, 2011 , Blogger Moomser said...

I miss silk soymilk (don't like almond milk, but thanks for offering), and I MISS target. so much. They need to expand over in Europe. Anyway your post made me miss home. Sigh. But thanks for coffee!

At March 29, 2011 , Blogger Hyacynth said...

Pretty sure there is an unsweetened version of Almond Milk. But with any nut or legume milk, it's really just extract, so I totally agree with you on the whole not that healthy part.
And don't you look lovely in your "prom" dress! How fun to love your job! I'm one of those SAHMs, so mostly I love my job, too. But if I showed up to work in a dress, my oldest would ask me why on Earth I wasn't wearing pants. lol.
Thanks for coffee.

At March 30, 2011 , Blogger {Amy} said...

i agree about the milk, maybe it takes some getting used to...i don;t know but a little too sweet for me and i love sweets! : ) your little guys is so cute with that red it!


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