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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An {Early Bird} Virtual Coffee

Good {yawn} Morning.

It's so early the birds are just waking up. Typically, I'd be at the gym this early, but...due to some shall we say irritating rules about staying in scheduled class times, I'm not allowed back at the 6 am class for another week. Grrr...

But that's good news because I'm here to have coffee with YOU! Even though you are probably still slumbering in a nice cozy bed. Keep snoozing, I'll keep your coffee warm.

If we were really meeting for coffee today, I'd of course have ask you about your weekend and if you had a nice Easter.

We spent most of the weekend in the Quad Cities with my mom and stepdad. On Saturday as mentioned in Friday's post we headed to an egg hunt.

Perhaps my memory is foggy, but I vividly remember actually having to find the eggs. You know look under leaves and around trees, etc. However, I guess in this world of Egg Hunt for Dummies, they just throw a bunch of eggs in an empty patch of grass and let the kids go to town. After the herds of kids were gone the park was spotless, not one egg was left behind. Why can't they clean up their toys that well?

E did a great job getting eggs and according to my mom actually gave one up to a little guy, as they went for it at the same time. Making mama's heart proud.

Upon inspection of the eggs we soon found out that all of them were filled with ... dum...da...dum...STICKERS!!! UGH. You should have seen E's face. He HATES stickers. Seriously, anything sticky and especially stickers. He was so bummed. G on the other hand wanted to plaster them all over his body.

A breakfast of blueberry pancakes quickly turned E's frown upside down and all was good.

On Sunday, my mom made her famous ribs and we gnawed on bones as E {who barely ate anything} kept reciting dinosaur facts, because you know dinosaurs are carnivores. Then we ate the bunny!

While the boys napped, B2 and I headed to the movie. After an odd mix up with movie times {they change the time on Sundays. WTW???} We ended up on the other side of the river watching American Reunion instead of 21 Jump Street. In typical R rated comedy style there were ample amounts of F-words and boobs. Seemed a tad sinful to watch on Easter Sunday, least we were out of the house, alone, doing something other than running errands.

Lastly I thought I'd share so exciting news {and no I'm not preggers}. I submitted some writing pieces to some various mommy websites and I was asked to be a contributor so you will be seeing some of my writing on Mamapedia and Momiverse. And while neither of these are paying gigs, I'm still so proud to have my words out there. I'm thinking I can finally call myself a writer.

I hear the birds loud and clear now, and some little footsteps too. Better head up stairs and start breakfast. This week is going to be a little crazy, B2 will be gone for a couple of days, we have kindergarten round up on Thursday and E is turning 5 on Saturday. Perhaps I need a caffeinated coffee to make it through this week.

Hope you have a great week and now that you are awake, here's your coffee. Tell me, what's up in your world?

Don't forget to head over to Amy's for more conversation, I'm sure she's awake by now.



At April 10, 2012 , Blogger Claire said...

lovely to share coffee and easter chat with you - and WHAT a cake!!!
and well done you re. your new writing ventures - you can have an extra chunk of easter egg with your coffee to celebrate :)

At April 10, 2012 , Blogger Brooke said...

Congrats on getting your words published. How exciting! I love your description of egg hunts.... it does seem a little too easy for our kids, no?

Oh well. Thanks for the coffee chat!

At April 11, 2012 , Blogger Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Hmm..yeah I distinctly remember having to scour any potential secret hiding place for Easter eggs! But it sounds like the kids had fun anyway. That's too bad about the stickers...but at least it wasn't glitter. I remember once my nieces went on a egg hunt and some of the eggs had little mini packets of glitter in them. That s--- got EVERYWHERE. So evil to clean up.

And CONGRATULATIONS on being asked to be a contributor!! That's such exciting news! And I'm glad this is helping you feel you can claim yourself as a writer - because you are!


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