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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Ramblin' Virtual Coffee

ZZZZ, honk, ZZZ, honk, snort, squeak...

Oh, yeah that's the sound that woke me up at 4:30 this morning. B2 is SICK and snoring like CRAZY! Ugh! He has the same thing that E had over the fourth...Grrr...damn sickness get out of my house. 

If we were really meeting for coffee I'd obviously need a double caff, because I am tired. I decided since I was already awake and lying there listening to that racket (which was getting me all fired up) I might as well head to the gym. 

Greeting the sunrise on the way home from the gym.

I'd tell you too that I've been feeling guilty about my workouts. I haven't been going regularly. Now that that tri is over, it's hard to find the motivation. I know once I get to the gym I feel better, but motivation is waning. Maybe a 5K will up the ante. What motivates you to workout?

Anyway, I don't have much this week.

Work is NUTS!!! Like seriously busy. I have half my vacancies spoken for, but now comes the fun part of getting them ready. Oh, well I'd rather have that than empty apartments. 

As for home life...well...E is having some challenges at school again. He just needs to mature a bit, and realize that yelling and throwing temper tantrums are not the way to make friends in preschool. 

I did find some "me" time on Saturday and headed to the salon for much needed haircut and to spark up the red a bit (gotta hide those grays). I love getting my hair done, it's so relaxing and I actually get to catch up on my gossip mags while I'm there.

On Sunday, the whole family headed to the pool. You have to give B2 credit, he braved the pool even though he felt crummy. G LOVES the water. So much so that he tries to be a little dare devil and put his head in, which doesn't quite work for a one year old. I of course doused everyone with sunscreen and forgot about myself until it was almost time to leave. Hence, the slight lobster look on my back and shoulders. Duh...

*Notice there aren't any pics of me in my swimsuit...HA! 

Anyway, that's all I have. Please tell me you did something fun and exciting this weekend. I'd love to hear everything. 

Now let's go see if Amy's awake and get a refill.



At July 12, 2011 , Blogger Iowa Sunshine said...

i was already in admiration when you said you hit the gym this morning! i think motivation ebbs and flows, and daily exercise may not always be the top at the list. you will find something new to fuel you doing workouts. my 20-year HS reunion is in August ... that may be a new motivation for me to get my arse moving. hope your family feels better soon. looks like a fun time at the pool :)

At July 12, 2011 , Blogger The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I also noticed there were no pics of you with your snazzy new hair cut. I am not motivated to work out at all in the summer. I have regularly given myself July and August off from my elliptical and I know after Labour Day I will start up again. I did just buy a small kayak and am loving paddling. Of course I am just on a small, quiet lake but it's something. Here's to the drek finally leaving your house soon!

At July 12, 2011 , Blogger Brooke said...

I haven't got much advice for motivation... I haven't worked out once this week. Grrr.....
I hope that burn heals up soon. I feel like that same thing happens to me at meal times.... we are so busy taking care of everyone else that we totally forget ourselves.

At July 13, 2011 , Blogger Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Ooh sorry about the sunburn! Hope it heals right up soon. Glad to hear you got some girlie time in though!

At July 13, 2011 , Blogger {Amy} said...

uggghhhhh, i didn't cover my back good at all last week when we were at the beach and i am paying for it with an itchy annoying sunburn this week! ouch, i forgot how bad a sunburn hurts. thanks for coffee!


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