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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Little Wine with my Coffee Please

Late again...Grrr...that seems to be the story of my life lately.

I overslept this morning because I was roused from a very nice dream involving myself and Ryan Reynolds (swoon) by a loud beeping which I assumed to be my alarm clock except it was 1:30 a.m. Thinking I set it wrong I turned it off, which in turn led me to missing spin class and sleeping till 6:30. Yikes! At which time I realized it was the baby monitor that beeped (no batteries) instead of my alarm, and the baby was crying (for how long I don't know, because no baby monitor). Really...all that before 7 a.m. I need a drink...

If it was morning I'd have a Sugar Daddy Latte from the Java House...mmmmm. But since it's mid-afternoon (and it's of course 5 p.m. somewhere) Let's pop the core off a bottle of wine (preferably Hearthstone from Fireside Winery).

Ok, now that you have your wine glass and are settled in I'd warn to you keep your distance. I'm not sure whether I have a cold or allergies, but a box of kleenex and Advil Cold and Sinus are my new besties. I hope it clears up soon, cause it's cramping my style.

Workouts were non-existent last week, and the guilt overwhelmed me, which in turn probably made me sicker...Grrr. Also, last week was just sucky...there in a nutshell...sucky.

I didn't realize until the end of the week, that Friday was the anniversary of my dad's death. Since I'd rather not be Debbie Downer right now I'll just direct you here, so you can read the post yourself. Because, well...I'd rather just let it be for now...

My favorite picture of me and my dad.
Taken at my wedding before he got sick.

Ironically, we did get an offer on his house. But it was a TERRIBLE offer and we declined. That's the bad part about it being in a small town. Everyone knows he's passed, so they assume we are desperate to sell. Well, we may be desperate, but we aren't stupid. I have a saying about small towns....They are so small everyone in town knows when you go to the bathroom and whether it's number one or number two. :-)

Then of course our conversation would turn to the events of the week.

The royal wedding. Didn't watch it live (thank you TiVo). Was underwhelmed by her dress, expected something more edgy and modern. And thought it was cute when Prince William leaned over and told her she was beautiful, and I cried cause I ALWAYS cry at weddings. Oh, and I kinda felt sorry for Kate that she couldn't personalize the ceremony more. But I'm sure she made up for it with all the glamorous parties.

Then the hot topic on the blogosphere and around the world, Bin Ladin's assissination (cause let's not mince words that's what it was.) I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. Relieved that evil has been destroyed. Not too happy with glorifiying it and replaying it and rehashing it. I really don't need to see the blood stained room anymore. Unfortunately, E accidentally saw it this morning, and I had to make him close his eyes till I could change the channel. He didn't ask me any questions, but I just told him that a bad man is gone, and won't be hurting anyone anymore. I think of all the opinions, and comments I have seen the best is by Rebecca over at Girl's Gone Child. We are not celebrating death, but relief and hope. Because what lessons are we teaching our children when we celebrate death, especially killing another human being (not that he was remotely human)? The worst part is unfortunately there are people more crazy, more dangerous and more terrifing than him, and they are just waiting for their moment. Scary thought...

Then I would lighten the mood and give a shout out to my step brother's military affilation - The Navy. Thank you for risking your lives everyday just so I can enjoy my freedoms and hopefully you will all be home soon.

And of course, coffee wouldn't be complete without a Target tale. I preface this by saying "I had EVERY intention of not stepping foot in there this weekend." But we needed toilet paper, and that's kind of a necessity. So I went for toilet paper and came out with this...

I love it, but I'm not sure exactly what it is. Initially I thought it was a skirt. Then I thought it could be a strapless dress or I could wear it as a strapless tunic with skinny jean capris. I dunno, you tell me. What do you think it is? I just don't want to look like a dork wearing a skirt as a shirt...that's my worst nightmare. Ha!

So, I'll end our wine tasting with a big fat Happy Mother's Day! To all those fabo moms out there may you have a wonderful weekend. Any big plans? We are going on our annual "camping" trip. I use the term loosely cause we stay in a cabin with running water, comfy beds and heat. But there is a camp fire and smores, so that makes it camping. Last year we skipped due to an early delievery, but this year we are ready to go!

Now let's head over to Amy's before our caffine and wine buzz wear off.



At May 03, 2011 , Blogger Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Maybe it's a mini dress you can wear with leggings? Thanks for the wine! :)

At May 04, 2011 , Blogger Danielle said...

"intially i loved it, but now not sure what it is." = I LOVE THAT! thanks for the giggl.... :) blessings and thinking of you on th anniversary of your father's death. ~d.


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