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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A {Snow and Sick Day} Virtual Coffee

{Imagine all dialogue being said through a stuffed nose}


Ok...stop the press where did the day go? Jeez. One minute it's 8 a.m. the next it's noon. The next it's time to head home.

Well, good thing it's virtual coffee and not real coffee because first of all you would get blown away by the mini blizzard swirling outside my window and...second because I'm sick {just a cold} and E is VERY sick {hurlage, as B2 would say ... among other things} Gross right?

I have to say that this snow/sick day was probably my fault. See, last Thursday when we had the "blizzard" I was wishing for a snow day. One where E and G's school would close we could all hunker down, sit by the fire drinking hot cocoa and watch obscene amounts of Pixar movies. But alas that didn't happen and it didn't happen today either.

Then in my blundering mind I thought well a sick day wouldn't be bad either. Then we could all stay home too. Ummm, yeah...that didn't happen either. Well, not for me anyway.

The big boy and B2 are home, watching movies and holding puke buckets {sorry mom I know you hate that word}. And me and G, well ... he's at school and I'm at work. Trying like the dickens NOT to get the plague that is running rampant in our house.

I don't know about you, but it really sucks not to be able to hold you kid when they are sick or be with them. But I couldn't do it. I knew that if I went in there and contaminated myself too, then we might have two parents out with the flu and no reinforcements. So, B2 and E are quarantined until further notice.

Prior to the plague invasion we did have an AWESOME weekend.

E and I made the three hour road trip to have Christmas with my dad's side of the family. It was fun, but still not the same without dad there. I couldn't resist driving by the old house. I'm glad a family is living there, it will give it some life again.

Speaking of dad I'm taking the final steps to close the estate and we've encountered a hiccup, so that's not helping with the whole closure aspect. Hopefully, it resolves itself.

Of course E was excited because our trip meant presents.

On Sunday, we took a train ride through Iowa City. Our local libraries had an event called READ the rails and you ride the train from one library to another. E and G loved it ... although the train needed to go faster according to E.

Well, that's our life up in here. I'm just praying for a low-key weekend and that no one else gets sick.

Do you think Lysol makes the equivalent of a bug bomb, because that's what our house will need when all is said and done?

Anyway, sorry I monopolized the conversation. How was your weekend? Are you and your family staying healthy?

I'm going to virtually head over to Amy's {so I don't spread my germs} and see what's up. Why don't you join me.

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At January 18, 2012 , Blogger Gem said...

Well I hope everyone is feeling better again soon and everything with your Dad's estate get's sorted out. I keep meaning to say how much I love your new blog header it is great :) and it makes me smile evry time I see it x x x x

At January 18, 2012 , Blogger moonstruckcreations said...

Hi Brook, Im so pleased to be your swap partner!

My email address is - hope to hear from you soon!


At January 20, 2012 , Blogger Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

I'm sorry it has taken me all the way until Saturday to join in for the coffee and catch up! We arrived back from Hong Kong on Wednesday and since then I've been flailing under an avalanche of MUST-DO-NOWs. Still flailing a bit here, but it's Saturday and I am going to have my coffee and oatmeal and some good ol' bloggy time no matter what! :)

Anyway, I'm so sorry to hear everyone's been so sick! I really do hope you're able to avoid the bug entirely and that everyone else is on the mend. That really must be so hard to watch them suffer that way and not be able to cuddle, but really it is better that you don't get sick too! I hope the rest of the week has been better and that you get a lovely restful weekend now. Cheers!


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