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Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Birth Day for Us Both

If I was one of those seasoned bloggers, I probably would have a totally awesome Mother's Day post planned. One with funny stories about the boys, and poignant words of wisdom and a lesson at the end that would make you tear up. But...

We had a birthday to celebrate yesterday.

Yep, our little redhead has turned two! And yet again I can't believe how time flies. How every single minute with them seems to; on one hand last an eternity and on the other fly away like a butterfly on the breeze.

So here is an ode to you my second child, on mother's day I'm celebrating YOU. You. The one who made me two times a mom, and who won my heart with your red hair and spunky personality.

Within two years I have learned so much from YOU.

You came during a time of sadness, and filled our lives with joy. You share the name of a grandpa you will never meet, but I'll make sure to tell you about the best parts of him. How he was a dreamer, and a romantic and that his heart was sometimes so big it would make him too sad. There are days when I look into your big blue eyes and I feel that even though you never met him, you know him. That there is a part of him in you.

Perhaps it's the red hair, because it sure didn't come from me or your dad.

And while you and your brother may share the same genes, you look nothing alike and your personalities are so very different. A fact that fills me with both joy and dread.

See, when we found out we were having another boy, all I ever wanted was for you both to be different. In looks and personality. I wanted you to be individuals, and etch your own place in the world.

From the time you were born you blazed your own path.

We can put you to bed without pomp and circumstance. Two stories and a kiss and you are good to go.

You are the bravest little boy I know and I'm often envious of your fearlessness. And in the same moment I have an inner panic attack, worrying that one day you will fall into the arms of danger. Even before you turned two, you had your first visit to the ER. Nothing major, but it still gave me some heart palpitations that I could have done without.

As you blaze your path you are stubborn and independent. Choosing to walk and talk at your own pace. Driving me, your dad and your teachers crazy. Although, after only two years, you have me trained, and now I know you will just do things at your own pace when you want. Pushing you will only make things worse. {good to know now before you start grade school}.

I'm not sure if what they say about redheads and tempers is true, but looking at you I'd say that Old Wives Tale is correct. You have a temper that can light up a room, and you know it too. Working it to your advantage when it comes to brotherly disagreements. Your first word was "No", an emphatic and loud  "No" that is still said today.

Even with all these things, you are still a little lover boy. Recently you have decided that you want to be held ALL THE TIME by only me. While I cherish these moments it does pose a problem when I'm trying to cook dinner or go to the bathroom.

Oh, the bathroom. Your favorite place in the house, because that's where the tub is. You will crawl in there fully clothed if we let you. Your love of water has been part of you since you popped out of the womb. I hope someday you will learn to SCUBA dive just like your grandpa.

You are also infatuated with dogs and yell "doggie" all the time whenever one crosses your path. Doggies are only second to choo choos. Watching Thomas the Train is now one of you favorite pastimes, as well as playing with choo choos. Whenever we see one on our way to school we have to stop and listen to the clang, clang of the bell.

As we wrap up the birthday celebration, and Mother's Day, I just want to say that being a mom to you and your brother has made me a better person. I can't even remember my life without the both of you. While there may be times we don't agree, or you just "aren't my friend anymore" remember this ...

I will always love you no matter what.

Thank you for choosing me to be your mom!


At May 14, 2012 , Blogger Lucy The Valiant said...

Awww, so sweet! And that blue paint picture! Cutest thing ever!

At May 14, 2012 , Blogger Gem said...


I have to agree with Lucy that picture is great, it looks so natural as well.

Such lovely words, I'm sure he will cherish this when he is older :) x x x x


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