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Friday, May 4, 2012

A {Windy City Adventure} Sound Bytes of the Week

Welcome to have finally made it. Here have a drink.

I'm feeling pretty good about this week. Things have been happening and life is whizzing by, but {knock on wood} nothing totally insane or crazy has happened.

This weekend I'm off to another beautification appointment. As the temps have increased, I've been pondering more and more about whether to chop off my hair again. When I mentioned this to B2 the other night, he said "I don't think so." Hmmm, good to know that after ten years he's REALLY wanted me with long hair. Awesome. So, I guess the big cheese has spoken and my hair will only receive a slight trim and of course a heaping dose of red to cover all that grey.

Where the heck did all those gray hairs come from?

Oh yeah...I have two boys.

Thank goodness I'm getting the full treatment on Saturday, because on Sunday I'm off on a quicky roadtrip to Chicago. I can't tell you how giddy I am about seeing Hyacynth and Melissa in the Chicago production of Listen to Your Mother. Squeeeeellllll! {I've been doing that a lot this week, and jumping up and down like a mad fool.} I just can't contain myself I'm so excited.

Since another road trip is on the schedule, I really want to update the tunes in my iPod. However, I have no clue what's hip nowadays {see above comment about gray hair}. Do you have any music suggestions?

Speaking of music, some of this week's Sound Bytes were music to my ears, and my funny bone. Grab another drink and have a listen.

3. "I'm so hungry I could eat my whole backpack."
I think your backpack would be a little chewy, but I'll admit I was pretty hungry on the way home too.

2. "Well, I gotta go because I need to crack some coconuts."
You don't hear that everyday...thanks for the giggle Hy. And I'm looking forward to tasting some of your healthy grub this weekend.

1. "Hahahaha. That's funny my grandparents say that too." 
The response from my grocery boy when I said I had rockstar parking. Since when is that comment old school...hmmm must be the gray hair that gave me away. it's your turn. What did you hear this week?

Well, I'm off to work.

Hopefully we will be having a date night with The Avengers {if we can find a sitter}. Nothing says date night like dinner and a gang of superheroes.

What are your big weekend plans?

Whatever you do make sure it's full of adventure.



At May 04, 2012 , Blogger IASoupMama said...

I am jealous of another road trip, you lucky girl, you!

Hubby is busy tomorrow, so I'll be taking all four kidlets to Chalk the Walk in Mount Vernon solo. No, I am not dreading it... well, maybe a little.

And my son would likely blow a gasket if we went to The Avengers without him, but the girls are just as likely to be disinterestd, so we'll have to see how this situation plays out...

At May 04, 2012 , Blogger Adrienne said...

ENJOY your time in Chicago ~ can't wait to hear about Hyacynth and Melissa's big moment! My daughter and son in law saw the midnight show last night and LOVED it!...he's a comic book collector/historian/ when he says it's good - it really is! I'm hosting one scrapbook workshop tomorrow - and RELAXING the rest of the weekend! Hoping to get in two, long fresh air walks and a lot of shut eye!

At May 05, 2012 , Blogger confused homemaker said...

I am also jealous of your road trip, Chicago is a great city! We are doing some yard work to get our gardens started, I am looking forward to some fresh veggies from it this summer & beautiful flowers to gaze at.

And hey maybe the dude at the grocery store has super awesome sauce grandparents ;-)

At May 07, 2012 , Blogger Michelle said...

Coming over from the Sits Girls Spring Fling! Hope you had a great time at the play and that you were feeling great from your makeover/me time.(My husband likes me in long hair too:)

At May 08, 2012 , Blogger The Dolls Are Alright said...

A road trip ~ fabulous! We have our semi-annual neighborhood progressive potluck coming up this weekend and a writers salon. A full weekend of fun!


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